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Fun in Hong Kong, visiting Macau
      Yangzhou Viburnum staff in 2012 when the Company's first employees to Hong Kong and Macao to play, I took my very envious mood to listen to their description of the Hong Kong and Macao impression. This year the second batch of employees to participate in the Company's Hong Kong and Macao tour I actually had the honor to participate, feel very excited°£

      Hong Kong's population of about 7.13 million (2012), with a total area of 1070 square kilometers, is one of the world's most densely populated areas. Can be divided into four parts: Hong Kong Island, New Territories, Kowloon and the outlying islands. Hong Kong airport is very small, only two runways, 2012 passenger throughput as high as 55.81 million passengers, airport scheduling and management capacity should be very great. From the airport to take us on a guided tour bus, the driver's seat in the car on the right, on the left side of the passenger car door car, with the mainland opposite°£

      The first stop is the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong tourism, walking in the Walk of Fame you can see the vastness of the Victoria Harbour. Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong's film industry is in recognition of outstanding personalities featured attractions, follow the Hollywood Walk of Fame, The names of eminent filmmakers and palm print inlaid in a special commemorative plaque to years in order of priority on the Walk of Fame. Seen weekdays idol palm print close when we are excited°£

      Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong very memorable attractions, July 1, 1997 establishment of the HKSAR, the central government of the "Forever Blooming Bauhinia" presented in Hong Kong. Golden Bauhinia bronze statue was placed next to the convention center, facing the sea, the square has also been named as the Golden Bauhinia Square. HK $ 9 an ice cream is very popular here°£
This is the prestigious Wong Tai Sin Temple. Prolific Gangju give it covered with a layer of mystery. This is a park located in Kowloon, Hong Kong Taoist temple bamboo, commemorates the Wong Tai Sin Taoist mythology built temples. Formerly known as Huang Chu-ping said that Wong Tai Sin, Jinhua people. Wong Tai Sin temple cigarette curl, magnificent. Jinmiao nine incense were offered in the temple into three fine°£


      Coming to Hong Kong Ocean Park is one of the highlights, where in addition to have a lot of artificial attractions and free rides, the Ocean Park Ocean theater dolphin and sea lion shows are also worth noting. It is a marine park most traditional and classic programs. The stands packed, the audience understanding human and animal performances, intimate as family. Performances are azure blue pool color, Ocean Park, facing the sea, go to the distance from the grandstand balcony, boats moored in the sea, the birds circling in the water. People feel relaxed and happy. Ocean Park rainforest world and not far from Polar Adventure, allows visitors to experience the tropical and boreal two different ecological°£


      Hong Kong Disneyland is a must-see attractions, in my perception of the past should be a Disney theme park for children, therefore it's looking far less intense Marine Park. Facts have proved that it is not true that everyone has a childlike heart area. Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Main Street USA, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic, Toy Story Land, but also stimulate the childlike°£



      Boat from Hong Kong to Macau, just shake the big boat for an hour. If you encounter storms boat rocking violently seasick when a lot of people, so I was just on board was very nervous, but it proved to be unfounded, and we went back to Hong Kong, Macao and Macao are calm sea. This gives people a very calm and comfortable feeling°£


      Paperwork, on a tour bus in Macau, Macau, like Hong Kong's bus, the driver in the right car, the door on the left. Our tour guide said a reception with a strong Cantonese accent Mandarin, was attentively, dilating the ear to listen, to listen to a ballpark. The bus driver said we'd be able to understand Mandarin, the car began to put "Nanniwan", in this scenario that people can hear this song feel a deep sense of patriotic feelings. Bus to the downtown area, the road immediately becomes narrow alley motorcycles placed neatly, so the car because the road is paved with stones and some bumps. The tour guide said the paving stones are also local specialties in Macau, Macau in the 18th and 19th centuries will be shipped to European countries, such as tea, will return home in the bottom gravel paved, then gravel, more and more local people decided to change waste into treasure stone will be laid on the road in Malaysia, forming a distinctive gravel.

      The first stop is the Golden Sun Plaza°£

      The second stop is the Mazu Temple. Mazu Temple has had a Jinpen, Jinpen there is water, a devout aunt first washed his hands in the basin, and then turn on the pot hand rub a few times, I think this is probably quit the strike, which wash mostly refers to wash the filth of the body, meaning the person has to be clean or auspicious°£


    Straight out from the Mazu Temple Ruins of St. Paul, Ruins of St. Paul next to a small Christian Memorial°£

    City of Dreams sky panorama theater is said to cost 45 million dollars. Theater curtain rings round 360 degrees, any angle can enjoy the movie, no seats, only the railings. "Dragon," the entire film is about 15 minutes long, the content is about four dragon shuttle glaciers, deep sea, tropical rain forests, volcanoes, solar system to escort the Pearl story. Gives absolutely stunning visual experience°£

    To the Macao people certainly can not miss Venice. This investment of billions of magnificent buildings, the water in Venice, Italy, for the tone, almost a 1:1 scale copy original. Into the city like being in another world, it can cause people to binge desires, blue sky, crystal clear on small canal in Venice girls and boys spread upward and over°£