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  "Yangzhou Qionghua coating equipment Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Qionghua") is a famous brand in China, environmental protection coating. In order to provide environmental protection coating engineering characteristics, adhere to science and technology as the guide, quality as the focus of the development strategy. "Qionghua" is the development in denial, innovation in practice, 20 years of struggle to make it become the famous enterprises in china.

"Information network system in Qionghua"has a complete, to institutions based on scientific research, establish and complete quality system, and cultivate a batch of high-quality technical production team, a set of scientific research, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning as a whole, enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and foreign users.

  "Qionghua" build automobile, motorcycle, engine, container, home appliances, construction machinery, hardware tools, tape video, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making industries such as coating, environmental engineering. China's largest water hydraulic rotary spray chamber, the first home of electro-optic curing paint line, carrying the heavy ground conveying chain is "Qionghua" construction.

  "Qionghua people" with advanced technology, advanced construction technology, timely customer service service to win the trust of many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, typical users we have: Japan Wuzhou taikisha, Japan Yamaha group, Hyundai Group, Hongkong group, Thailand city of Victoria, Canada's Bombardier Group Ball Corp, Qingdao Haier Group, Guangdong Kelon Electrical Group, Chongqing Zongshen group, FAW Group Benz Corp, Hubei Sanjiang Renault, the Ministry of Railways locomotive Corporation, Chongqing Jiangnan Automobile Company, Xuzhou engineering machinery group, Nanjing Jincheng Group, the Power Corporation, Beijing Futian Automobile.....

   Entrusted by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision of China, "Qionghua" and the focus of the Design Institute jointly developed the national standard coating, GB14443-93 coating drying chamber safety technical regulations; GB6514-1995 painting process safety and ventilation purification; GB15607-1995 powder electrostatic spraying process safety; review of national standard coating operation, management of harmful gas state standard drafting the "Qionghua".

   Once the glory of the past, "Qionghua" will meet the challenges of the new century to 100 times the morale, a responsibility for the good of humanity living environment!