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    "Has become the first brand of Chinese Painting ," this vision, for the majority of Viburnum who portrays a nationally

 influential industry leader blueprint that will motivate all employees for this purpose

     More than struggle .

     Development of environmentally friendly coating equipment for the creation of green earth
     Development of green paint , green paint , energy saving coating, the beauty of the earth out of a force , so

painting equipment creating value for customers , providing an open platform to help employees grow

     Is our mission .

     Diligent , honest and trustworthy in coordination transformation of a new win-win cooperation
     Diligent allow our customers to do more practical work, honesty can help us win the trust of customers , can help

us work together for our customers fast attack

    Difficult decision , a new change can make our business continues to develop, win-win cooperation is our common

goal with our customers .

     Exceed customer expectations and create the greatest value

     Aim to exceed customer expectations
     Continue to create new value for the user
     Committed to becoming an industry leader in sustainable management